Jodhpur Sandstone: Characteristics, Uses & Applications, Cost, Where to find & Why is stone Famous.

Jodhpur is known for its beautiful sites such as historical places, monuments, buildings, lavish homes and residential properties. But is it really about the architecture, or is it something else? While every design of the home is unique, two things remain the constant: the Jodhpur sandstone and its texture.  Of course, the soil of every region is different, and the deposits of soil in sedimentary...

Construction Cost in Jodhpur

Everything About the House Construction Cost in Jodhpur

Are you planning to build your own home in Jodhpur? If yes, then knowing everything about the construction cost is a must for you. There are multiple expenditures that one has to make while constructing a home. Based on various perspectives, the house construction cost in Jodhpur varies greatly.  Factors such as labour cost, material price, area, and construction style decide the actual...

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