HDFC Home Loan Jodhpur: How to Get, Interest Rate, Documents Required, Branch Address and More

how to get hdfc home loan in Jodhpur

Home loans bring you one step closer to your way of life. It is always considered a better option compared to borrowing money from others as they are tax deductible, but are you scared of hidden charges, paperwork, and creating a benefit of the doubt about home loans for that sake?

Then this article will give you clarity with a step-by-step procedure for HDFC home loan in Jodhpur. HDFC Bank is renowned as the biggest private sector bank in India and the 10th largest in the world. Hence, applying for a bank loan here will only give you ample benefits with a lower rate of interest to pay.

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How To Check HDFC Home Loan Rates in Jodhpur?

Here are detailed steps on how to check for HDFC home loan rates in Jodhpur. Following that, we will talk about home loan rates, required documents, and how it reduces the cost of living in Jodhpur:

1. You can visit their website by clicking on this link: HDFC Home Loans. Here you will be asked to submit basic information for personalised offers on home loans. The following information will be requested:

  • Type of loan you want to take: personal, home loan, etc.
  • Whether or not you have a shortlist for your property.
  • If yes, then the property value and address.
  • If you want to add other co-applicants to your home loan.

2. After filling out the basic information, you will be taken to the second step of the form, where you will have to fill in the following details:

  • Your residential status is NRI or Indian.
  • Age, Occupation, Gender, and Income.
  • Current city and state of residence.
  • Contact information: email and phone number.

3. Once you have completed this information, you will be taken to the offers page, where you will be shown personalised HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates Jodhpur based on your gross income, which will vary from person to person.

Loan Slab (in INR)


Interest (per annum) 

Up to 30 lakhs

For Female

8.95% to 9.45%

For Others

9.00% to 9.50 %

30.01 lakhs to 75 lakhs

For Female

9.20% to 9.70%

For Others

9.25% to 9.75%

75.01 lakhs and above

For Female

9.30% to 9.80%

For Others

9.35% to 9.85%

Here are the reference standard rates for HDFC home loan Jodhpur, and these are subject to change according to your income and city. For confirmation, follow the steps mentioned before.

If you are still not sure about the online loan rate, you can directly visit the branch of HDFC Bank in Jodhpur and talk with the manager about the interest rates. However, contacting the bank over the phone will also give you the loan rates.

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HDFC Bank Jodhpur Address

Plot No 4, Gk Tower Airport Road, Ratanada Circle, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342011. 

There are many branches of HDFC Bank in Jodhpur. You can use Google Maps to find the nearest one to your home or place of business.

What are the Documents Required for HDFC Home Loans in Jodhpur? 

Now that you know how to check HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates in Jodhpur, you must be moving forward to the second step: the document verification for your loan sanctioning procedure. 

Therefore, to avoid the last-minute hassle, the documents required for HDFC Home Loans in Jodhpur are listed here:

  • Application form filled out with correct information and 2–5 passport-size photographs.
  • Government-recognized identity proof and your current residential proof (renter’s agreement, registry papers)
  • Form 16 ITR for employed applicants and latest salary slip (of the previous month)
  • bank statement of the last six months for salaried applicants
  • Check with the bank about processing fees.
  • Profit and loss statements, balance sheet, and ITR for self-employed or businessmen for the last 3 years

These are the required documents for processing your home loan. This process is required to ensure you have the proper CIBIL score, income, and the bank can entrust you with loan fulfilment. You can also check the required documents on the website according to your occupation.


Anyone can apply for HDFC home loan Jodhpur, given they have a bank account and a source of income to repay the loan. The bank imposes no hidden charges, and the tenure for home loans can even be extended up to 30 years. Many channel partners and property dealers in Jodhpur include home loan processing fees and loan procedure work as part of their brokerage.

Therefore, residential properties in Jodhpur are easy to buy, even with a home loan and paperwork. For more details, it is suggested that you visit the nearest branch. Buying a home is a dream for many, but you no longer have to wait until your retirement to build your dream home. With HDFC home loan rates, you can easily make an affordable dream house for yourself. It’s time to dream bigger and think better. 

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