Everything About the House Construction Cost in Jodhpur

Construction Cost in Jodhpur

Are you planning to build your own home in Jodhpur? If yes, then knowing everything about the construction cost is a must for you. There are multiple expenditures that one has to make while constructing a home. Based on various perspectives, the house construction cost in Jodhpur varies greatly. 

Factors such as labour cost, material price, area, and construction style decide the actual construction cost. The write-up will give you a brief understanding of the calculation of the construction cost of a house. 

Nowadays, various ready-to-move-in homes are being offered by builders in the city. The construction companies design these homes and often provide less space for further modifications. So people are more interested in building their homes with their own designs and style. 

But there are various issues while constructing your own home. You need to spend a lot of money on the work. Also, construction is not a single-day process you need to have patience. 

Knowing about every aspect and keeping yourself monetarily aware is a must. Let’s see a few factors that decide the construction cost.

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Factors Deciding the House Construction Cost in Jodhpur

1. Kind of Construction

It is evident that different projects have different costs. If one plans to build a multi-story building, one must pour more money into construction. But if you plan to construct a single-story simple house, then it won’t cost much. This factor must be discussed with the contractor before starting the work. 

2. Size of Plot

It is a simple calculation that says the more the area more would be the material used. The more material being used higher would be the cost. The same applies to the labour cost. You need to hire more construction workers that can work together to meet the deadlines. So accordingly their charges would increase. This will hike the construction cost of the house. 

3. Architecture and Design

The structure and design of the house will surely decide the final construction cost. If you want to more beautiful and different design, then you would need to hire architecture. Hiring an experienced architect would itself add a lot of costs. Other than this, a complex home design would need more variety of construction materials. This is also an increasing price factor. 

4. Deadline of Project

If someone has a deadline, suppose they want to shift into their home within 6 months. Then there is a fixed deadline for this project. So the number of workers would be increased to meet this deadline. More modern machinery will be used to complete the project fasters. This adds some extra cost to the total construction cost. 

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Calculation of Construction Cost of House

One must remember that if they plan to build their home in the central city, the price will be higher. However, building a home on the outskirts would cost comparatively lower. 

Total Construction Cost in Jodhpur for a 1000SqFt House

Total Area1000 SqFt.
Cost/SqFt.₹ 1625
Estimated Cost1,625,000
Cost in WordsSixteen lakh twenty-five thousand Indian rupees. 

Let’s see the house construction cost per square foot based on quality

Construction TypeTotal AreaCost/SqFt.Estimated CostCost in Words
Normal Quality1000 SqFt.₹17001,700,000Seventeen lakh Indian rupees
High Quality1000 SqFt.₹18501,850,000Eighteen lakh fifty thousand Indian rupees
Best Quality1000 SqFt.₹21002,100,000Twenty-one lakh Indian rupees

How to Calculate the House Construction Cost in Jodhpur?

Let’s understand the stats behind finding the exact construction cost of a house in the city. The calculation presented covers every construction and installation cost. That means this would be the final cost that you need to pay for building your home in Jodhpur.

Total Area of Plot X per square feet construction cost = Final Construction Price

  • Suppose you plan to build your home on 5000 SqFt. plot with high quality, then the price would be

5000 SqFt. X ₹1850 = ₹9,250,000

Things to Keep in mind while building your house

  • Current availability of funds
  • Documents and your research for home loans if needed
  • Finding the best contractor or real estate agent in Jodhpur
  • The exact calculation of contraction before starting the work. 

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House construction cost in Jodhpur FAQs

What is the construction cost per square foot in Jodhpur?

The average construction cost per square foot in Jodhpur is around ₹1625. This price may vary with the locality, location and other mentioned factors. 

How do the calculate construction costs for your home?

You can use the following equation to calculate your home’s construction cost.
Total Area of Plot X per square feet construction cost = Final Construction Price

What is the Jodhpur stone house cost per square foot?

You will need to pay around ₹700 more on the average construction cost of the home in Jodhpur. That is ₹1625 + ₹700 = ₹2325 per SqFt. for constructing a stone house in Jodhpur. 

Building your own home in Jodhpur city is still a dream for many people. You need the best guidance and advice to make the best life decision for your dream home. Buying the best land at the most reasonable value can reduce your home’s cost. 

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