Residential Properties For Sale in BJS Jodhpur (Plots, Houses, & Flats)

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Property in BJS Colony, Jodhpur (Houses, Plots, and Flats)

Surana Realtors is the one-stop service provider for all real estate needs. It provides various services, such as legal assistance, property valuation, and expert advice. As the largest platform for property buyers and sellers to connect transparently, Surana Realtors has an active base of various property listings.
The average per square foot price to buy a property in BJS colony, Jodhpur, is ₹ 2822. 

House for Sale in BJS Jodhpur

If you are looking house for sale in BJS colony, Jodhpur, your are at the right place. Various property options exist in this locality, including excellent infrastructure, sound connectivity to all key areas, and more.
The locality BJS colony falls in Jodhpur district, situated in Rajasthan, with a population of 9980. The size of the area is about 1.7 square kilometres. 

The average cost of property in the BJS colony is ₹ 4.50 lakhs. 

House for Rent in BJS Colony Jodhpur

Houses for rent in the BJS colony cater to the renters’ needs with different types of budgetary requirements. A house for rent in the BJS colony is available at prices starting from ₹ 7000. 

The flats for rent can be searched by state of furnishings. Surana Realtors offers the flat’s lessee and lessor for rent in the BJS colony a time-saving and cost-effective way of searching for properties.

Plot in BJS Colony Jodhpur

You can find various residential plots for sale in BJS colony, Jodhpur, through different online and offline platforms. Surana Realtors are Jodhpur’s most-trusted real estate dealers, providing the best property deals. They allow you to check residential plots and land listings for the most freshly available properties per your budget and requirements.

The average price per sqft for plots for sale in BJS Colony, Jodhpur, is ₹ 5,569. The price range per sqft is ₹ 3000 – 9000. 

FAQs on Property in BJS Colony Jodhpur

Who is the reliable real estate agent available in BJS colony, Jodhpur?

Surana Realtors is the most trusted and leading real estate agent in the BJS colony, Jodhpur. They offer home seekers, sellers and real estate professionals an extensive online real estate ecosystem. 

It also maintains a vast repository of research on various property-related matters ranging from legal issues to maintenance, facility management, and home insurance, among many others.

What is the plot rate in BJS, Jodhpur?

The average price per square foot for plots in BJS colony, Jodhpur, is ₹ 5,569, and the price range per sqft is between ₹ 3000 – 9000. 

Is there a gated community plot for sale in BJS, Jodhpur?

Yes, you will find various authority-approved gated community plots for sale in BJS colony, Jodhpur. 

Are there flats in BJS colony, Jodhpur, available from the owners for sale/rent directly?

Yes, you can explore various owner properties in BJS colony, Jodhpur.

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