What is the right time to invest in real estate market?

Have You Ever Think About What Is The Right Time To Invest In Real Estate Market?

The ongoing pandemic has made people realise the significance of owning a home. With
work from home, education from home – the need of comfortable, spacious, open-
environment homes have become a necessity rather than luxury. The people are willing to
move out from the crowded, busy old streets of the city to newer peaceful areas of the city

Further, with economy making a V shaped recovery, the real estate demand for commercial,
industrial sector has also started to grow. Due to the current pandemic, there has been a lot
of reverse migration to the tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Therefore, many companies are looking for
opportunities in tier 2 and tier 3 cities and investing heavily in these cities.

Here are the major reasons- why its best time to invest in real estate:

Prices are reasonable

Due to demonetization, GST, RERA implementation, there was a sluggish period for real estate in 2014 to 2019. The price correction has taken effect to the full extent. Real estates builder in Jodhpur where the prices are reasonable all over India. But if you’re expecting them to fall more, that will most likely not happen. Because aside from hidden costs such as interest and inflation – a stable government at the center coupled with a change in market sentiment will see to it that prices do not fall any further.

Interest rates at an all-time low

The current home loan rates being offered by all major banks are the lowest in 10 years. Several prime banks have it as low as 6.95%, which is a huge boost for home buyers. This was made possible due to the multiple rate cuts announced by the RBI this year. The current repo rate is also at its lowest at 4 percent. These reductions have meant reduced monthly EMIs for prospective home buyers. However, one should be mindful of the fact that once the RBI hikes its rates, home loan rates will also increase.

Best Time to Switch from Rented to Own Property

At current rates, buying a property instead of paying rent is a very attractive option for homebuyers or for those who buy residential plot in Jodhpur. But when prices rise, it will not be as attractive. Financial experts will tell you that paying rent is a losing proposition compared to owning your own home. Because even if you claim a tax benefit on your rent, you’ve lost an opportunity to build a lifelong asset. Also, there is a deduction on the interest paid from your income up to certain limits. The markets are already sending positive signals. Thus, stop wait-and-watch policy – go ahead and buy
your dream home today. Because this opportunity won’t last for long.

Further, with the current government initiatives for residential sector such as interest
deduction from taxable income and subsidies makes a strong case to buy your own house.

Demand and Supply both aligned

The combined impact of the pandemic-induced has made people realize that real estate as an asset class is must for financial stability in these uncertain times. There is a growing demand in all sectors. Thus, there could not have been a better time in the real estate sector where the demand and supply are so perfectly aligned.

Technology is reshaping the real estate

Industry experts opine, that the lockdown has accelerated technology-led property buying in India. As lockdown has hampered site visits, developers and brokerage firms have re-aligned their businesses to digital platforms. At a time when people are adopting the online way of buying every commodity, real estate stakeholders upgrading their online game has come as a boon for prospective home buyers.

For instance, Surana Realtors who are the best property dealer in Jodhpur has launched 1st local digital platform for end to end real estate services in Jodhpur. The platform has verified deals unlike other players in the market. Also, with the experience of 30+ plus years, we know in and out of the real estate industry and stakeholders. Through this digital platform, property buyers can complete the entire property buying cycle from the click of a button. The online options have made buying a lot easier at a time when site visits are a bit risky.

Data Analytics – A game-changer in real estate industry

Technology disruption has changed the social, economic, and environmental aspects of every industry, but real estate had a slow growth path. However, in past few years, big data has changed the dynamics of this industry. With data analytics, it’s assured that your
decisions are backed by researched intelligence rather than random traditional opinions. The chances of profitable decisions are very high.

In top cities of the country, almost all real estate players are taking decisions basis scientific data analysis. However, for the city of Jodhpur, Surana realtors who are the best real estate broker in Jodhpur are the 1st one to collate data for scientific data analytics. For more details, you must real our article – Power your decision with data analysis – Jodhpur market commercial real estate agents in Jodhpur.

Is 2021, The right time to invest in real estate market?

A big YES! Considering the various beneficial decisions listed above, experts are optimistic
about the future of the real estate industry in the country and look forward to brighter days.
As all buyers are aware that land is a scarce resource, and fundamental supply and demand

principles dictate that with higher demand and lesser supply, property prices are sure to go
up. 2021 has great potential for both residential and commercial real estate business. Therefore if you want to buy commercial property in Jodhpur then you can consult Surana Realtors.
Occupational inter-state migration is driving growth for the commercial sector which in turn
translates into higher residential demand. Also, the impetus given to the residential sector is
expected to yield positive results for buyers and investors alike. In 2020, the Indian real
estate system will exhibit more financial discipline, accountability and transparency due to
the structural economic policy reforms introduced last year. Experts believe that if the
government takes more quick and bold corrective measures for the housing and urban
infrastructure sector demand can be boosted to an unprecedented level.

So, if you are looking to add Jodhpur real estate to your investment portfolio, then now is the perfect time to get started.

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