What kind of residential plots should one buy-in Jodhpur?

What kind of residential plots should one buy-in Jodhpur

Real estate investments are in trend nowadays as it is preferred by long term investors to gain higher return in the future. Now is the time for investing in the real estate as property prices are lower that will surely rise in the future. It is great time to Buy Residential Plot in Jodhpur because of its fast growing development and lower property prices. If you are new in real estate and want to buy your first house, then now is the ideal time for you to upgrade your lifestyle and make your dream of buying your own house come true.

But as every investment needs research, the real estate investments also do need a lot of research. If you will invest without studying the market, you will surely have the worst nightmare of your life.


Jodhpur commonly known as blue city is famous for its heritage building and tourism. It is one of the most attractive and popular cities in Rajasthan. Investing in JDA approved property in Jodhpur is the best option that will make your future secure. Investing in a property today will give you a good and higher return in the future.  Investing in the blue city is beneficial because of the following reasons:

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  • Rich Heritage and tourism:

The rich heritage that prevails in the blue city attracts history and architecture lovers from all parts of the world. Jodhpur is famous for its fort and other museums, palace, and other heritage building.


  • Huge development prospective:

Jodhpur is fast growing in every field and has a huge growth potential. Over the years, the city has seen many developments in all fields, which include infrastructure, educational institutions, etc.

So investing in one of the fast-growing cities is a good investment option.


  • Prices:

The price of the property in the blue city is the best part for investment in real estate in Jodhpur. The cost of the property is comparatively lower than in other cities. The average rate of the property in Jodhpur is around 51 lakh only. So by investing in Jodhpur’s property, you are investing in lower-priced properties having high potential to get a higher return.


  • Surana realtors:

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What kind of residential plots should one buy-in Jodhpur

What kind of residential plots should one buy-in Jodhpur?

If you want to put your money then real estate investment is the best option to explore. Before buying any property, a buyer do full research and have in his mind what type of residential plot he has to buy which will give him higher return in the future. But there are some investors who get confused and do not have knowledge about which property to invest in. For them Surana realtors have listed the following points to consider before buying a residential plot in Jodhpur.

  • Plots facing parks:

One of the best residential plots is the one facing a beautiful and green garden. It is seen that plots facing gardens/parks have 10 to 15 % higher selling prices as compared to other properties. Plots facing gardens/parks will be profitable in the future and will also bring positive energy to your house.

  • Near commercial area:

Having a residential plot near the commercial zone can save you a lot of fuel and time when going to the nearest market. It is not advisable to invest in a residential plot just opposite the busy commercial road, but you should invest near it. Before investing in property for sale in Jodhpur, always see the location where you are putting your money. It is one of the first and foremost things to check that the location is easily accessible to the essential areas of the city.

  • Corner plot:

If you are planning to invest in the residential house for sale, always look for corner plots. The residential land situated on a street corner can at times have additional floor space that exceeds the size of the plot. In most private housing schemes, the price of a corner plot is always higher, and the average cost is 10% higher.

  • North, west and east facing residential plots:

The most essential thing to consider before selecting a residential plot is the direction of the plot. Most people prefer to invest in a plot facing north as it is highly auspicious. You can also consider east, and west-facing plots. But south-facing plots should be avoided.

  • Square or rectangular plots:

If you are buying a residential plot, you need to consider the size and shape of the residential plot before investing. Ideal shapes for a residential plot are square or rectangle, which is narrower at the entrance and broader at its rear. One should avoid round, oval, triangular, and L-shaped plots.

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