Which is better: an apartment or an independent house:

Which is better: an apartment or an independent house

The real estate market is becoming popular day by day.

Most of us think investing in real estate is a risk, but if you invest with proper research and with the consultancy of a real estate developer, you will surely get a high return in the future. Real estate investment is the best choice if you want to invest in the long run. But owning a house requires a lot of saving and research.  When you go for a house hunt, you look for a property situated in a good locality which will give you higher return in the future. While some choose apartment other prefer an independent house. Surana realtors provide the best real estate consultancy in Jodhpur, so if you are planning to buy your dream house, you should consult Surana realtors for the best guidance.

Apartment and Independent house:

Investing in real estate is a dream as well as a financial goal that every person aims to achieve. Whether you want to invest in a 3 bhk independent house in Jodhpur or an apartment is completely an individual choice and interest, but it is vital to take the advice of a Real Estate Agent in Jodhpur before investing in them.

Which is better: an apartment or an independent house


Apartment is nothing but just a residential space inside a building. The apartment is very common nowadays for a lot of reasons. There is a lot of old couples who are alone and want support from their neighbors and society member, for the apartment is a perfect choice. A person can easily invest in an apartment according to your budget. When you invest in an apartment, you will get security as well as numerous facilities.

Individual House:

An individual house is constructed on a piece of land. The owner of the land has all rights related to land and has the authority to construct a house according to his choice and preference. The owner maintains the property according to his will.

Apartment vs Independent House which is better? 

It is a great time to invest in JDA approved property in Jodhpur, and which property to invest in depends solely on an individual decision.  Though the land prices are increasing at a faster rate than an apartment construct at the same time, they offer a better return on the investment.

Both the apartment and individual house have their pros and cons, and it is our duty to provide you with all the information relating to an apartment and individual home.

Following are some of the points that can assist you to choose between an apartment or an individual house:

Which is better: an apartment or an independent house

  • Amenities:

You will get numerous amenities when you buy an apartment. This amenity includes a swimming pool, gym, clubhouse, playground for children, temple, and indoor space.  On the other hand, if you buy an individual house for sale, you will not get all the facilities. You can get some of the facilities at the independent house want, but the financial implications are quite huge

  • Maintenance:

Apartments will not stress you about the maintenance charges as it comes with a minimum maintenance charge. Most apartments are equipped with an in-house maintenance team to fix the damaged item. So by buying an apartment, you will have a carefree way of life.

Though, in an independent home, the owner must go through many difficulties finding plumbers or carpenters and even take it upon himself to take care of the lawns.

  • Security:

If you invest in an apartment, you will get a 24 hours security. There will be CCTV installed and security guards at the main gate of the apartment building, so if you are someone looking for a residential place having full security, then buying an apartment is the best option. It is ideal for a couple having small children. Apart from the security guard and CCTV, the apartment building has a fire extinguisher installed within the premises to provide safety.

However, the independent house does not offer such security facilities. But if you want, you can install CCTV and put your independent security guard at the independent home. You can buy an independent house at Umaid heritage that offers a great security.


  • Space:

In terms of space, an independent house has more space compared to an apartment. They are spacious from inside as well as from outside. Also, in apartments, privacy is limited. When People start living close to each other, their privacy starts getting limited. Sharing walls lead to a lot of noise and other disturbances.  There are many residential house for sale where you can invest and earn a higher return in the future.

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