Five First Time Home Buyer Tips

five Surana Realtors- First Time Home Buyer Tips

Five First Time Home Buyer Tips

If you live in a house of rent, then you have to face many problems. First of all, you get upset by repeated shifting. Before buying a new item, you have to think ten times that there will be no problem in moving it to another place while shifting. If we had a small house, we would have got rid of this mess. The truth is that everyone wants to buy the home of their dreams.

Everyone dreams of buying a house. Smart people buy property in real estate due to low-interest rate because it is only suitable for the investors in real estate if the market price is low. Unfortunately, buying land is becoming more and more expensive. The cost of building a house is also increasing continuously. Because of this, houses have become expensive not only in big cities but also in small areas. If you are going to buy a house for the first time, you should keep some things in mind that may be useful.


If you are buying a property, then first make a budget. After withdrawing the required amount for each month’s expenses, talk about the home loan according to the remaining amount. Make sure that your house is perfect according to your current needs. Along with this, it should also be in your budget. No one can understand the needs of the family better than you.


The purpose of your buying should be very clear. Whether you are feeling one room short, the location is not appropriate or you just want to upgrade your lifestyle. The clear purpose will help your real estate consultancy in Jodhpur like Surana Realtors to find you the best property that suits your purpose.

Five first time Home Buyer Tips- Surana Realtors

Credit Score

When you apply for a loan, the first thing that all lending institutions check is your credit score. Whether it is your eligibility for the loan, the amount of loan that can be approved to you, or the interest rate, it all depends on your credit score. Against an excellent credit rating, you can avail of large home loans at better interest rates. A credit score above 800 basis points is considered excellent.

Once you get an idea of your credit score, make sure that all documents such as identity proof, address proof, income tax return, salary slip, bank details, employer proof, and other similar documents are present. If you have already finalized the property you want to buy, keep documents related to the property, such as the seller’s identity and address proof, property title, map, completion certificate, etc., ready.


There is no point in taking a perfect house in a bad location. The location of the property must be correct in accordance with the regular needs and basic facilities. Here at Surana Realtors, the best real estate agent in Jodhpur can get the right property for a reasonable price. Your home is a long-term investment for you, which is very important to keep in mind while choosing a property. As far as real estate is concerned, you should think about the future, how the area’s development will be, how the facilities are. Whenever you buy residential plot in Jodhpur, location is the most important.

The location of the house depends on many things. If you are looking to buy a house for the first time, then keep in mind how far it is from your workplace. But if you want to buy a house in terms of investment, then you should buy a house in a developing area. You should buy a house at a location where there is a possibility of developing infrastructure in the coming time. Surana Realtors emphasized that you should be very cautious while choosing the real estate property in Jodhpur. Apart from this, the point of law and order cannot be ignored. You should take a house in a place where it is night or day your family members can roam without any fear.

First Time Home Buyer Tips- Surana Realtors

Resale Value 

If you are buying a property, before that, you should find out what the resale value of that kind of property is. This will help you understand that after a few years, when you want to sell your property, then you can get a lot of money. If you select the wrong property then you should know from prior that you will always not going to get the good amount of profit from that.


After the location and the resale value, it should be seen how the connectivity of the project is. For example, what means are available to go to your office. Also how far is the Super Market, Vegetable Market, Railway Station, Airport and Bus Stand. Apart from this, you will also need to think in a futuristic way. For example, it is necessary to consider how far the school, college or hospital is from the project. Also, consider all the amenities you want in the home.


It is imperative to check whether the property that you are keen has basic amenities such as water connection, electricity poles, well built roads, maintained parks etc. You may check our blog Why Buy JDA Approved Plots? to understand how JDA approved plots has all these basic amenities in their colonies. A JDA approved property in Jodhpur guarantees a good road network and adequate facilities.


For a first-time homebuyer, the process of purchasing a home may be intimidating. However, following these tips will let you plan well and make your first home purchase an experience to remember.

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