Vastu Shastra Tips For Your House

Vastu Shastra Tips For Your House

The Vastu Shastra is an important aspect for Indian, So here are some important Vastu Shastra tips for your house in this article. Vastu Shastra is the construction of buildings according to the directions. Eight primary directions affect all the activities of the Human lifestyle. Surana Realtors, the best property dealer in Jodhpur, looks after these Vastu Shastra norms.

Significantly, every direction has its speciality. According to the Vastu principles, as stated for the home or workplace, it positively affects your life. Vastushastra is based on the eight directions. The description of every house/workplace and the architectural structure of each built-in room comes under Vastushastra. 

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastushastra says that the universe is infinite. It has no condition nor direction. But we are the directions for the Earthlings. These directions are based on the magnetic field of the Home, Sun and Earth, which makes life possible on Earth. It is essential to mention here that the envoys of the eight basic directions are devas, who have a special effect of having control over that direction. Its detailed description and some Vastu Shastra tips for your house is given below.

Vastu Shastra tips for your house

The logical description of the eight directions:

North: The representative of this direction is Lord Kubera, the lord of wealth. This direction is towards the Dhruva star, which is a mark for directions. The Dhruva star is located in the sky in the north direction. It is a symbol of stability and safety. That’s why this direction is considered to be good for all economic activities.

It is suggested to make the building’s entrance or the living room/meeting room in this part. The northern part of the building is also kept open. Since India is located at the northern latitudes, and the northern part is more luminous. This is why it is suggested to keep the northern part open so that the light entering the house is not obstructed.

East: Sun is the representative God of this direction. The Sun rises from the east. This east direction is the direction of takeoff. It is suggested to make the main gate of the building in this direction. There exist two arguments. The first is to give an invitation to the Sun, the God of direction and the second scientific statement is that, as the main gate is in the east, the availability of sunlight and air remains in sufficient quantity in the building.

North-East (Northeast): This direction is considered the best of all other directions. The angle formed at the confluence of the north and east directions is the northeast angle. There should not be garbage or toilets etc., in this direction. The northeast angle should be kept open, or a water source can be made on this part.

Due to the east direction, the Egan angle is illuminated by the light of the morning sun, and due to the north direction, the rays of light are lying at this place for a long time. If a water source is created in the northeast, then the para-violet rays of the morning sun make it clean.

West: This direction is from Varuna Dev, the God of water. When the Sun sets, darkness makes us feel the circle of life and death. It states that as there is a beginning, there is an end also. The heat of the evening sun and the direct effect of its infrared rays are on the western part, that’s why it becomes hot.

This is the reason why these directions are not considered relevant for Baranda. Toilets, bathrooms, stairs, or storerooms can be constructed in this direction. Trees can also be planted in this section.

North-West (Vyavya Angel): This direction is of Vayu Devta. The northwest part is affected by the scorching light of the evening sun. Therefore, this place has also been described as suitable for toilets, storerooms, bathhouses, etc.

Due to the construction of toilets and bathrooms in the North-west, other parts of the building stay protected from the heat of the evening sun. On the other hand, this heat helps in keeping the bathrooms clean and dry.

Vastu Shastra tips for your house

South: This direction is of Yamraj, who is the God of death. The south direction is also connected to our past and forebear. A guest room or a bedroom for children is preferred to be made in this direction.

There should not be open spaces like balconies or gardens in the south direction. This place is not left open; therefore, it remains neither hot nor too cold during the night. So this part is perfect for the bedroom.

South-West (Nairitya Kon): This direction is of Nairiti Sthita Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth). The bedroom, cupboard, chest of the homeowner should be made or kept in this direction. As the south and west directions meet in this direction, this direction is better for ventilation. Install the vault or cupboard in the western wall of this part.

South-east (Fiery Angel): Devi Agni is the representative of this direction. This direction is the symbol of heat, courage, and energy. The kitchen is the part of your house to have in this direction.

Science says that, due to the direct effect of the ultraviolet rays of the morning sun, the kitchen remains free from fly-mosquito familiarized bacteria. At the same time, the southwest, i.e. the representative of the wind, does not demolish the fire that burns in the kitchen. So, these were some of the important Vastu Shastra tips for your house, hope that was helpful.

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