RERA Rajasthan

RERA Rajasthan: Registration Process, Fees, Charges and More

Came into effect on May 1, 2016, RERA Act, or Rajasthan RERA, is the state's official Real Estate Regulatory Authority for administering Real Estate, i.e. Regulatory and Development Act. Under this Act, the authority establishes an adjudicating procedure for speedy dispute redressal regarding registered real estate projects.  The primary responsibilities of the management are to ensure the...

Property Tax in Rajasthan

Property Tax in Rajasthan: Calculation, Eligibility, Exemptions, & How to Pay

Rajasthan, along with various Indian states, levy property tax on their residents. People must pay a small portion of their incomes for their houses or land. Commercial property owners must also pay tax for using the property for business purposes.  The state government of Rajasthan has launched an online portal, Rajasthan Municipal Corporation, to make it easy for people to pay their property...

Why do realtors need to be registered under the RERA act?-suranarealtors

Why do realtors need to be registered under the RERA act?

Realtors: A realtor is an agent that helps the client to find the best buyer or seller. They make the seller and buyer meet and have a fair deal. It is almost impossible to buy/sell a property without a real estate agent.  Surana realtors are one of the best Real Estate agents in Jodhpur that have every property listed on their site.  If you want to invest in Jodhpur, you will find the best deal at...

How to Reduce Risk in Real Estate Investing -suranarealtors

How To Reduce Risk in Real Estate Investing

In today's world, Real estate investment is at its peak as most of the time it gives you good returns compared to any other investment option.  Investment in real estate is one of the best investment options that will give good returns in the future and make your life secure in difficult times. Surana realtors, one of the best Real Estate Advisor in Jodhpur, who act as an agent and help the client in...

A Step By Step Guide To The Home Selling Process

A Step By Step Guide To The Home Selling Process

A Step By Step Guide To The Home Selling Process Selling your home can be disheartening, but it can be disorderly if not followed by a proper process. We understand that you will be looking for another property to buy at the same time. Therefore it might be daunting to manage both the process of buying and selling, especially if you want the best deals and quick results. The exhausting process can lead to...

Undeniable reasons to invest in Jodhpur property

Let's Know About Undeniable Reasons To Invest In Jodhpur Property Who is unaware by the fact that, Rajasthan is among the most colourful, talented and famed state of India. There are multiple cities in the state which holds one of its unique colours. Here we are going to talk about the economically growing and residential city of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is also known as the Blue City because its distinctive...

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