What is Cost of Living in Jodhpur 2024? Detailed Guide


In theory, moving to a new location, a new home, or a new city seems simple, but moving to a completely new location is a difficult decision. Whether for a job, business, studies, or anything else, moving to a new place can be intriguing. So worry not; this article will cover how much it costs to live in Jodhpur.

Although you may already know that the cost of living in any given place can vary from person to person, we have tried to cover the average cost of living in Jodhpur. And if you are moving to Jodhpur, you are going to love the city, that’s for sure!

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Jodhpur 2024?

On average, if you’re a student, the average cost of living in Jodhpur can be between INR 6,000 and INR 15,000. If you use a vehicle, are a family of two, or go for a job, then the average cost of living might go up to INR 15,000 to INR 35,000.

Now to actually anticipate how much does it cost to live in Jodhpur, you can refer to the description table below for a better understanding. 

Expenses (monthly)For a Student ora bachelorFor a coupleFor a Family (2 adult and 2 children)
RentINR 3,000 –INR 5,000INR 7000 –INR 13,000INR 10,000 –INR 15,000
GroceriesINR 1000 – INR 2000INR 2500 –INR 5,000INR 3,500 –INR 7,000
TransportINR 1,000 –INR 3,000INR 2,000 –INR 5,000INR 3,000 –INR 6,000

This table covers the average monthly cost of living in Jodhpur. Now, the areas of expenses definitely differ depending on the various components, so for a proper idea of expenses, we have segregated the areas of expenditure that can occur while living in Jodhpur. You can have a look at the residential property in Jodhpur with rent and cost of sale. 

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Where And How Much To Spend — Factors For Determination Of Living Cost In Jodhpur City

1. Accommodation

The first thing to learn about when determining the exact cost of living in Jodhpur is the city’s areas, as rent is heavily dependent on the area and its resources. We only covered the city’s most prominent areas; rest areas can be linked to nearby mentioned areas for measuring living cost in Jodhpur city. 

SHASTRI NAGARINR 6000 –INR 80001 BHKYes INR 7000 –INR 10,000
SARDARPURAINR 5000 –INR 80001 BHKYesINR 7000 –INR 9,000
RATANADAINR 3500 –INR 75001 BHKYesINR 5000 –INR 7000
PAOTAINR 5000 –INR 70001 BHKYesINR 6000 –INR 9000
CHOPASANIINR 3000 –INR 70001 BHKYesINR 5000 –INR 7000

To make better decisions related to it, get in touch with a trusted property dealer in Jodhpur

2. Groceries

You won’t find major differences in basic items such as groceries (food items), although you might find some things are slightly less expensive as compared to the other cities.

For buying vegetables and fruits, you can always go to local vendors; you will usually find fresh vegetables in the morning time.

Every other local grocery store stocks dairy products, potatoes, onions, and other staples. For those who prefer everything in one place, they can visit Fresh and Green, Smart Bazaar, and local grocery marts to access everything at once.

Every犀利士 area of Jodhpur has these retail stores for your easy accessibility.

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3. Transport

Jodhpur’s modes of transportation are very convenient; you can take mini-public vans or buses that cost between INR 10 and INR 20 to get around the city. City buses are available for every route and can be cost-efficient, which certainly decreases the cost of living in Jodhpur. 

There are several rental services available for you to rent a car, bike, or scooter. There are also several online taxi options, such as:

  • Ola
  • Uber
  • Rapido

If you are using your own vehicle, then the cost of fuel depends on the usage of the vehicle. Fuel stations are also available every few miles. 

For travelling to nearby places, you can use trains, and Jodhpur has 3 railway stations:

  • Bhagat ki kothi 
  • Jodhpur Central
  • Raika Bagh

For bus stations, you can wait around any bus stop from Paota to Kudi Bhagtasani, you will be able to catch the bus. You can ask any local about the bus stops or directly visit the Paota bus stand for your convenience. 

There are also several private bus companies where you can book buses for interstate travel. It is located in the Shastri Nagar E-sector. It is easy to find  as well.

4. Entertainment 

For going out on weekends, or for basic utilities, you can always check nearby areas. There are various cafes in Jodhpur where you go for a quick bite, forts and trekking spots for your weekends, and malls for your shopping spree.

There are multiple options for gym, healthcare, and education facilities in Jodhpur City, but those certainly would not add to the living cost in Jodhpur city, as they are optional and not included in the average cost. You can explore the old city for authentic Jodhpur vibes.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this was all about the fundamental areas of expenses that come with the cost of living in Jodhpur, which by definition will be the maximum and not the minimum, and while you’re there, don’t forget to taste the local delicacies. 

Property dealers can help you with choosing the right property for rent in Jodhpur. Moreover, you can also know about the property for sale in Jodhpur by clicking on the linked page. 

Happy living!

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